The Air-In® laboratories serve continuous product development and allow for real-time monitoring of the operation of valves and windows. This way customers can ensure the quality of products at any time with regard to heat recovery, air quantities and blow pattern. The operation of a product is best shown in practice using test methods corresponding to reality.

Dir-Air has access to two test laboratories. One of them allows you to view the operation of window and valve in real time through a web cam. Our other laboratory allows any valve/window structure to be studied under conditions corresponding to reality. The laboratory has been constructed to be extremely air-tight, thereby always creating reliable measurement results. The total leak rate of the laboratory is only 0.14 l/s / 29.5 square meters or 0.004 l/s / square meter, and the measurements are carried out using an under pressure corresponding to the use of the products in flats.

The Air-In® laboratory offers a unique possibility to see how the comfort of living can be improved by means of frequency regulator operated constant pressure regulators. They allow constant air volumes in flats even when other inhabitants block valves in other flats. The amount of air stays stable and does not grow as in an unregulated situation.
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