Air-In® supply air valves increase the comfort of living and save energy.
Air-In® supply air valves offer superior noise reduction values and the draught-free air quantities.

- better ventilation and energy efficiency

The new Air-In® Chameleon window supply air valve is a sophisticated Finnish supply air valve and heat recovery device. With the heat recovery, supply air is heated by up to 20°C. On sunny days from February on, the efficiency can be up to 1,000 W.

The new Air-In® Chameleon valve has properties never seen in valves before. The filter of the renewed Chameleon valve, for example, can be easily replaced without tools.

In addition to the wishes of inhabitants, ecological requirements have been observed to the extreme and free solar energy is utilised. Air-In® Chameleon improves the energy efficiency and energy classification of apartments, creating important savings in heating costs.

ilman kulku ikkunan välitilassasuodatinpalkki välitilassa ikkunan yläkarmissa

Comfortable living with savings in energy

  • According to calculations, the valve pays for itself in just one year
  • Significantly improves the U factor of a window (RTE 3901/05, VTT bulletin 2329)
  • Creates considerable savings in energy costs compared to traditional solutions
  • Creates a draught-free environment as air is significantly heated in the window interspace
  • Thanks to efficient filtering and pre-heating, the quality of indoor air is improved
  • Air is heated by the recovery of lost heat by up to 20°C – and even more on a sunny day; efficiency up to 1 kW
  • Effectively prevents any backflow of air
  • Using the compensation calculation, energy savings can be utilised also in new houses
  • Suited for both new windows and renovation

Advanced properties

Easy maintenance

A new patented base part allowing the removal of the valve without tools for valve replacement, for example. The old filter is removed, a new one pressed in place and the valve simply pushed back to the base part in the window.

Additional manual adjustment of the automatic closing device

Additional manual adjustment of the automatic closing device allows adjusting the direction and throw of the air jet or the direction of the jet to the left or right. When the bar is adjusted upwards, the speed of the air jet decreases. When the bar is adjusted downwards, the speed of the air jet and the throw increase. The valve is closed by gently pressing the ends of the bar.


Honeycomb filter

Can be equipped with a static electricity honeycomb filter lasting several times longer than traditional filters. Vacuum cleaned, replaced approximately once a year. The filter is an excellent pollen filter.


Winter and summer setting

The Air-In® Chameleon valve has both summer and winter settings. The position can be easily changed using the adjustment lever. The filter housing or a thermal filter bar is installed in the window interspace.

winter and summer settings


Air volume = K factor x √pressure

Product Air volume l/s
(pressure 20 Pa)
Draught-free air volume l/s Noise reduction
Opening size mm
Air-In 400 dB TI 130 Chameleon 7 6 40 400x12
Air-In 400 dB TI 170
7 6 40 400x12
Air-In 600 dB TI 130 Chameleon 8 8 42 600x12
Air-In 600 dB TI 170
8 8 42 600x12

Frame depth 130 or 170 mm
Also available for other frame depths; please indicate in the order.

Air volumes, K factor table

Air pressure Air-In 400 dB TI
Air-In 600 dB TI
5 Pa 3,65 l/s 4,25 l/s
10 Pa 5,16 l/s 6,01 l/s
15 Pa 6,32 l/s 7,36 l/s
20 Pa 7,29 l/s 8,50 l/s
25 Pa 8,15 l/s 9,5 l/s
30 Pa 8,93 l/s 10,41 l/s