Air-In® supply air valves increase the comfort of living and save energy.
Air-In® supply air valves offer superior noise reduction values and the draught-free air quantities.


The Air-in® Wall valve is a Finnish supply air valve for wall installation, efficiently reducing noise and filtering the impurities of outdoor air.

The air flow can be adjusted steplessly according to the weather conditions and needs. Alternatively, the valve can be equipped with an automatic bimetal adjuster, in which case it adjusts to the outdoor temperature on its own.

Air-In wall valves can be used in houses with mechanical or gravitational air vent systems.

The Air-In wall valve is a quality product made of galvanised, powder coated steel.


Air-In wall valves with a flexible lead-through pipe:
200 dB, 125J dB

The Air-In 200 dB and Air-In 125J dB wall valves consist of the Air-In wall valve, flexible lead through pipe and an Air-In 200 outer grille / Air-In 125 outer grille.

Thanks to the flexible lead-through, noise reduction is even better than in a regular Air-In 160 dB/125 dB valve.

Air-In wall valves with a fixed lead-through pipe:
160 dB, 125 dB, 100 dB

A Finnish supply air valve for wall installation. The valve offers the best noise insulation values and draught-free air volumes in the market.

The wall valves consist of the Air-In wall valve, a noise reduction cartridge and an Air-In 160/120/100 outer grille. The valve can also be equipped with automatic supply air adjustment, in which case it adjusts the volume of supply air automatically according to the outdoor temperature.


Wall valve model Ø
External dimensions Air volume Unit isolation  Dn,e,w Road noise  Dn,e,w+Ct Air traffic noise   Dn,e,w+C Opening size required for installation
Air-In 100/80dB 80-100 185x185x20  8    Ø 80-105
Air-In 100dB  100  8 48 44 47  Ø 105
Air-In 125dB  125  10 50 46 49  Ø 130
Air-In 125JdB  125  10 53 49 52  Ø 130
Air-In 160dB  160  11 52 47 51  Ø 165
Air-In 200dB  160  11 56 55 51  Ø 165
Material: Galvanised steel sheet
Valve colour: Standard colour white; all RAL colours available.
Filter: Pollen filter EU2 as a standard; also pollen filter EU4, activated carbon filter (also removing odours) or allergy filter F7 are available.

Structural drawings