Dir-Air Oy develops, produces and sells Air-In® supply air valves and noise reducers for demanding applications.

Dir-Air was established in 1992 and is a clear forerunner in the field in Finland. Air-In® products are patented and registered in Finland and for the most part also in the EU.

Air-In® supply air valves and noise reducers offer the best noise reduction values and the largest draught-free air quantities in the country.

Dir-Air specialises in own product development, qualities of high product and quick deliveries. We work in cooperation with the most important window manufacturers, design offices and construction companies.

Research and product development

Dir-Air Oy is known for continuous product development. Therefore the Air-In® Chameleon products, for example, have been developed to meet the requirements of the market in all respects. In addition to wishes from inhabitants, ecological requirements have been observed to the extreme and free solar energy is utilised.

Two separate laboratories running constantly ensure the superior heat recovery qualities of our products. One of the laboratories can be viewed real-time 24h through a web cam.

Unique products

The Chameleon valves are probably the first supply air valves on the market in which the filter can be easily replaced without tools and the air quantity is adjusted automatically. In addition, the air flow can be manually adjusted to the left or the right, the length of the air jet can be adjusted and, if necessary, the valve can be closed.

Dir-Air has always been the leader of the sector when it comes to noise reduction. This is demonstrated by our silencers, such as Air-In® 125 Super – compact in size but 2 to 3 times more efficient than longer silencers. In addition, each silencer in the Super series is equipped with a cleaning hatch, a damper and a measurement connection for measuring the air quantities.

Air-in® products are trademarked in the entire EU. In addition, the products have several patents in Finland, Spain and Europe.