Air-In® supply air valves increase the comfort of living and save energy.
Air-In® supply air valves offer superior noise reduction values and the draught-free air quantities.

installation to a window without a previous valve

The basic Air-In® Chameleon model can be used in all types of renovations. It is easy to install as such to a window or a balcony door, for example.

Air-In Kameleontti - ilma lämpenee ikkunan välissä

  1. Attach two metal clips to the exterior frame (distance 800 or 600 mm according to the length of the filter bar). Remove the seal of the external window for the length of the filter bar (800 or 600 mm = filter length). Ensure that there is a gap of 3 to 4 mm between the window structure and the frame. If the external frame is made of wood, it may be necessary to plane off some 2 to 3 mm from the top corner of the frame over a length of 860 mm (= length of the filter bar) using an electric plane. This ensures that the gap between the frames is sufficient for the required air volume. In an aluminium external frame, simply remove the seal over the length of the filter bar and press the metal clips to the frame.

  2. The filter bar clips to the metal clips of the frame with powerful magnets. Ensure that the seal above the filter bar is pressed tightly against the top frame.

  3. An opening of 400 x 10 mm is milled in the interior frame for the valve (see the milling pictures).

  4. Finally, screw the Air-In® 400 Chameleon valve to the frame.

Milling the opening in the frame without an existing opening

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Installation video