Air-In® supply air valves increase the comfort of living and save energy.
Air-In® supply air valves offer superior noise reduction values and the draught-free air quantities.



The Air-In® Chameleon is suited for post-installation in an aluminium profile or frame profile for existing windows or doors. An opening of 400*10 mm or 600*10 mm is made in the flat side of the aluminium profile over which the Chameleon valve is screwed as shown in the picture.

Alumiini-ikkuna sisäpuoliAsennus

Correspondingly, an opening of 400*10 mm or 600*10 mm is made to the outside for the outer grille. The outer grille is screwed over the opening in a watertight manner, see the picture below. The openings can already be made in the aluminium profile during window production. The product is therefore suited for renovation as well as new production.

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Air-In® Chameleon in connection with a blind mechanism

Kameleontti-venttiili säleverhokoneistolla varustetussa alumiini-ikkunassa

The Air-In® Chameleon valve is perfectly suited for use in connection with a blind mechanism. In this case, no separate outer grille is needed as the valve takes in air through the blind mechanism. As the valve can be removed from the installation foot without any tools for replacing the filter, it is also easy for end consumers to use (see video). The opening can be made in the blind mechanism already in the factory, or it can be made afterwards after the installation of the mechanism. The opening sizes are 400*10 mm or 600*10 mm.

The Air-In® Chameleon valve meets and exceeds all Codigo Tecnico requirements concerning air volume and area of cross section. The valve is equipped with a leaf damper and can additionally be manually adjusted steplessly. The valve also includes an excellent electrostatic filter that can be replaced without tools thanks to its ingenious release mechanism. The valve is simply pulled out of its attachment foot. The valve is patented.

The installation and use of Air-In® valves is easier than that of any competing product. In addition, the valves are tested in real-time in two Air-In® laboratories, which guarantees the high quality of the products. Get to know our laboratories

Air volumes for the leaf mechanism and aluminium profile window
Table of K factors

Air volume = K factor x √pressure

Air pressure Air-In 400 dB
Air-In 600 dB
5 Pa 6,5 l/s 7,8 l/s
10 Pa 8,5 l/s 10,4 l/s
15 Pa 10,2 l/s 12,5 l/s
20 Pa 12,1 l/s 14,3 l/s