Air-In® supply air valves increase the comfort of living and save energy.
Air-In® supply air valves offer superior noise reduction values and the draught-free air quantities.

for Chameleon supply air window valves

The new, patented Air-In® Filter bar allows for a new, easier way of introducing supply air into the Air-In® Chameleon valve.

The Air-In® Filter bar takes supply air through a gap in the window structure above the external window frame as the seal is removed for the length of the filter bar.

The Air-In® Filter bar can be combined with a normal Air-In® Chameleon supply air window valve or an Air-In® Chameleon renovation valve.


  • Intake of supply air without milling of the external frame, installation without tools:
    The Air-In® Filter bar is very easy and quick to install as no milling is required in the external frame for supply air. The Air-In® Filter bar is fixed by means of powerful magnets. For supply air, only the seal from the top frame of the external window is removed.
  • More efficient heat recovery:
    The air guide of the Air-In® Filter bar guides the cold air volume down the window surface over the full width of the window, creating a thermal rotation. Heat recovery is fully employed over the entire surface of the window. Thanks to the thermal rotation, air is heated by up to 20°C before it enters the apartment.
  • Efficient filtration of air:
    The Air-In® Filter bar allows excellent filtration as the filter surface over just one meter is 200 cm2. Also the pressure loss is low.
  • Requirements for using the Air-In® Filter bar:
    Using the Air-In® Filter bar type Air-In® supply air renovation valve requires that a gap of 3 to 4 mm is available for supply air after the seal from the top frame has been removed. The Air-In® Filter bar is installed on the gap in the top frame with easy-to-use magnet fixtures. Seals are used in other parts of the external frame.

Air-In® Filter bar / thermal rotation:

Ecological heat recovery:
Thanks to thermal rotation, almost all heat lost through windows is recovered!

Cold supply air:
Cold air flows through the outer grille over the top frame to the thermal Air-In® filter bar which both efficiently filters the air and guides it down the cold surface of the external window, creating a thermal rotation in the window interspace.

Warm supply air:
Thanks to thermal rotation, air rises back up on the warm surface of the inside window. Thanks to heat from the sun and heat loss from the apartment, the air warms up considerably in the window interspace.


Installing the Air-In® Filter bar on the top frame of the external window:

  • Remove the seal from the top frame of the external window, leaving a 3 to 4 mm air gap in the top frame.
  • Press metal clips (2 pcs.) to both ends of the top frame.
  • The Air-In® Filter bar is attached to the metal clips of the top frame with magnets simply by placing it over the clips.